Online Casino Gaming for Sportsbooks Amid Coronavirus Threat

Majority of the biggest sports leagues are cancelling or suspending their seasons and games. This leaves a lot of both retail and online pay per head sportsbook operators hanging. While some sports events still continued, leagues like the NBA, NHL, and MLB and European Soccer leagues will have no games for the next few weeks. With the Coronavirus threat compromising the income of many bookies, what is there to do?

Fix the Coronavirus Threat with Gambling Options

coronavirus online gamblingSince a lot of US-based sports events will be very limited, gambling demands still continue. A lot of gamblers are staying away from retail casinos and sportsbooks. A valid concern, as the Coronavirus pandemic has already caused 1,200 cases in the US alone, with Italy having more than 12,000. This opens up the market for more online wagering solutions that people can do online.

Some bookies have already gone ahead to offer new wagering options on sports events. But instead of game outcomes, people can bet on when they think the seasons will resume. You may see wagers, for example, if you think the NBA will continue the season before or after April 12.

Your Sportsbook Pay Per Head Advantage

But do not limit your sportsbook operation to sports events alone. Remember that since you are using and its pay per head service, you have more features you can utilize at this time of need. While sports betting and horse racing events are likely cancelled, you will find a few stragglers here and there. The best option you have, is to offer your players the online casino you have. Price Per Player has a BLR no-download needed portfolio of flash casino games.

You can offer your players casino table games such as craps, baccarat. And roulette. There are slot games, digital poker, blackjack, and progressive jackpots for your players. So, aside from your current list of players, you can capture a whole new market of new players to join your sportsbook. These games are also accessible via desktop and mobile platforms. This, of course, allows your players to enjoy a full-featured gambling experience safely from their homes. This will also allow you, the bookie, to earn an income despite the halt in sports betting events