Online Gambling in Italy Earns Strong July Performance

Last updated on November 30th, 2018 at 10:09 pm

July was a great month for gambling operators in Italy. Italian sports betting operators had a combined online and retail revenue of €114.3 million for the month of July. This amount is higher by 32.4% compared to July last year. To be specific, online wagering was up by 34.4% at €51.5 million, while retail betting was up by 30.8% at €62.8 million. With the looming plans to ban advertising on gambling, it does level the market competition. When implemented, smaller operators won’t have to compete to advertise. The best betting software will get you a piece of the action. More so, Italy has an increasing number of sports bettors.

In the year to date data, the total revenue from betting has increased by 43.3% at €852 million. Online betting is at 43.5% with €361.5 million. And out of the handle, the Italian Government gets €168 million.

Online Gambling in Italy – One of the Biggest Markets in Europe

No doubt, Italy is one of the largest gambling markets in Europe. But the new government of Italy may pose a threat to gambling with their proposed legislation. The first law signed was the law that will prohibit operators from advertising. Already. some social media sites and search engines have complied with this law. Now, the unregistered online gambling sites are now getting better exposure online. This, if anything, levels the playing field between major operators and the smaller ones.

Nonetheless, the Italian online gambling and sports betting market does not seem to be slowing down. In fact, the report for July shows a high increase compared to the previous year. Of course, this month contains the action from the World Cup, so the numbers may change in the months to come. Still, with the European Leagues starting soon, there won’t be a shortage of betting options for those who want to bet.

Football remains to be the most popular sport bettors prefer to place wagers on. Horse Racing, Tennis, and the F1 are also high on the list, but nowhere near the amount of action football gets throughout the year. This is especially true with their local league, Serie A.

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