Online Sports Betting Industry is looking for Faster Payment Methods

Online Sports Betting Industry is looking for Faster Payment MethodsThe United States is currently going through a legal sports betting gold rush that extends far beyond gambling. This is because of the many social and technological aspects that will come from legal sports betting. One of these involves banking where the Online Sports Betting Industry is looking for Faster Payment Methods for their customers.

The idea behind faster online gambling method is not anything new.  However, as states legalize online sports betting, faster payment methods become imperative to online betting.  This is online sportsbooks are looking to keep the gambling rush alive before and after a player wins.

For a player, there is nothing as exciting as winning a pile of money after winning a big bet.  The rush that a player gets fills them with excitement but for the online player, it’s a different story.  This is because for them, the adrenaline flow quickly ends when they have to wait to get their money.

Thus, the online sports betting industry in the US is looking to change that to be on par with Europe. This is because Europe has had legal online gambling for several years and have their own methods of instant payment.

Instant Payment will be one of the Online Gambling Trends for 2019

According to the PPH Sportsbook provider,, banking has always been one of the challenges of operating an online sportsbook. This is because it can sometimes take a day or two before an online bettor receives his winnings.

The Latest Online Gambling Trend of 2019 will be to rectify the speed of processing online gambling payments.  One such idea is the use of reloadable cards where funds can be instantly withdrawn by players and companies. Furthermore, using such cards could also be made in conjunction with a gambling operator’s loyalty program.

However, part of the slow payout process was because of the legality of online gambling.  Thus, several popular banking options did not allow their use for gambling purposes.  Now that online sport betting is becoming legal in several states, financial services will probably allow their service for gambling.

Thus, it would solve several of the existing problems with a player instantly receiving his winnings. Real-time payment is very appealing to players because it generates the experience of instant cash.  The main issue would be in terms of online fraud prevention and charge backs.

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