Online Sportsbook Services are Saving US States’ Gambling Markets

Last updated on May 14th, 2020 at 12:49 pm

As expected, states are poised to take a hit on their local industries, and gambling is not exempt. With sports leagues on a break and casinos shut down, more and more people are considering moving their action online with existing sportsbook solutions that they are comfortable using. What was once just an option, is now practically the only solution for gambling as online sportsbook services are saving the betting market.

Since states are already reporting the numbers up to April, the decrease of revenue matches considerably to the time when sports leagues were shut down one by one. However, the sports betting industry will not die that easily. By offering their players more services, customers are more likely to continue their wagering through their phones and laptops.

Online Sportsbook Services

West Virginia SportsbookA lot of sportsbook software providers have always offered a complete gambling experience to their customers. Along with sportsbooks, people can now enjoy race horse wagering, and even betting in foreign markets. Wagers on leagues themselves are also abound, for those who want to stick to the familiar. West Virginia, for now, despite showing a drop in revenue for April, still manages to bring in almost $3 million in wagers.

From March 29 to May 1, West Virginia’s numbers have done pretty well despite the pandemic. They have a total handle of $2,965,302 for the month. And during that last week of this period, We see a $1,063,604 in total handle. This is twice the amount that they normally get. This is mainly attributed to the first ever 2020 Online NFL Draft. This is a nice surprise, considering that total gambling activity from March is down by 79% from March’s fruitful $14.7 million.

The slow pace of revenue increase of online casino is actually naturally causing problems for the local gaming industry. With sports betting temporarily unavailable, the public is clamoring for more ways to wager. So far, West Virginia’s wagers in April are at $2.9 million- a good number for the state despite the pandemic. West Virginia is also one of the states with a much wider coverage in terms of gambling activities. West Virginia offers online poker among other forms of gambling in their state, and this variety will definitely help the gambling industry during these times.

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