Open a PPH Sportsbook to Make Money

Last updated on June 7th, 2019 at 08:02 am

Open a PPH Sportsbook to Make MoneyThere are two way for a bookie to open an online bookie operation.  The first is to start a sportsbook from the ground up and the other one is to use a PPH Sportsbook. Without a doubt, the most profitable ways for bookies to make money is to Open a PPH Sportsbook.

This is because the bookie does not have to start from zero. Instead, the bookies start with an already existing sportsbook framework allowing them to start right away.

In addition, using a PPH Sportsbook is more cost efficient then starting from scratch. In most cases, a bookie will spend over half a million dollar to start a modern online sports betting website. On the other hand, by using a PPH Sportsbook provider, a bookie only pays a tiny fraction of that cost.

Therefore, bookies that choose to use a Sportsbook Pay Per Head will make a higher profit.

Why a PPH Sportsbook is the Best Way for a Bookie to Make a Profit

Like any business, making money as a bookie is all about having more money go in then out.  By using a Sportsbook PPH, a bookie spends less money on the operation itself leading to lower expenses.  Thus, lower sportsbook expenses equal a higher profit margin.

Here are the reasons why a PPH Sportsbook saves the Bookie money.

The Investment Factor – As mentioned earlier, starting a sportsbook from scratch is expensive because of the following minimum expense:

  • Sportsbook Software – On average, the cost of a sportsbook software is between $100,000 to $500,000. The cost will vary depending on whether you buy one or hire an army of programmers to make it.
  • Infrastructure – In addition to Sportsbook Software, a secure infrastructure is necessary to house the servers and the staff.
  • Support Staff – Any business needs a support staff to run properly from Customer Service agents to IT Technicians.

PPH Sportsbook saves the Bookie moneyHowever, by using a PPH Sportsbook provider like, the bookie does not have to pay for any of it.  Instead, the agent/bookie only pays $5 per player for the use of the software which also include a play betting website and

The Monthly Overhead Factor – In addition to the investment cost, a bookie will have an expensive monthly overhead.  Paying the salary, the rent, utilities, the staff and so on can add up to a very large amount every month. This monthly overhead can often lead to lesser profits if not an outright monthly loss.

However, when you use a Sportsbook Pay Per Head service, they are no monthly overhead costs.  This is because everything is included in the price per player.

Open a PPH Sportsbook the Smart and Easy Way with

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