Oregon’s Bookie State Lottery is High Stakes

When learning how to be a bookie, one of the best advice experts can give you, is to set your limits. The best pay per head bookie would even tell you to study your players, start off low, and adjust accordingly. And this is sound advice, as any wager your player makes, you could be potentially pay for. Especially if you don’t balance your lines correctly. But this seems to not be a problem with Oregon’s State Lottery, or so we think.

State Lottery

Sports Betting in OregonOregon’ State Lottery will be handling sports betting in the state. And in just a few days’ time, they will be taking in wagers on sports online. This will be though an app specifically for this purpose. What worries certain parties, is that the deposit limit for each player is $250,000.

Now, bookies know that deposit limits are different from betting limits. Your sports betting bookie software can easily handle this for any bookie. But in Oregon’s case, lottery officials do not know if a person can place a $250,000 single wager on their app.

Speaking of limits, there are also no limits set on the number of wagers a person can make in the app. This is concerning to some, as the app is being done on the phone, which is very accessible to anyone. Add in the lack of information on betting and deposit limits, then this could be a disaster. As a bookie, you always want your players to stay with you long-term. Not being able to limit them or at least let them prove their trust is not in line with responsible gambling.

And while this may be a way to attract the local market, especially those who already bet online, it still raises concern for those in Oregon. Hopefully, the state’s Lottery Commission can clarify their policies on online sports betting before it begins.