Pay Per Head for Beginners: Pay Per Head 101

Pay Per Head Beginner’s GuideIn the past decade, the term “Pay Per Head” has become synonymous with opening an affordable sportsbook operation. However, the exact meaning of the term is still not well known outside of the Bookie Pay Per Head Industry. Thus, our tutorial about Pay Per Head for Beginners, will define Pay Per Head and the advantages of using it.

Definition of Pay Per Head –A Pay Per Head is a service where bookies pay a company to allow them to use their bookie software.  Furthermore, clients will also have access to all the tools and features from them to run a completely independent sportsbook. This means that the bookie will also have access to a player betting website or their own sportsbook website skin.

The cost for using a Pay Per Head will range from $1 – $30 per active player on a weekly basis. Thus, a Pay Per Head Solution is advantageous for bookies as it allows them to start a Bookie Website with little money.

In gambling, a Pay Per Head is also known as a “bookie pay per head” or “sportsbook pay per head”.

Pay Per Head Beginner’s Guide

Our Pay Per Head for Beginners will go over how companies like helps bookies open their own gambling operation. The idea of a Pay Per Head provider is fairly new in the gambling industry.  However, recent internet technological development in the past decades have made the industry thrive throughout the world.

This is what a PPH provider or company does for bookies and sportsbooks:

Bookie Software – They provide a fully functional sports betting software which allows bookies to take bets.  However, the ownership of the software remains with the Pay Per Head company.  What the bookie does is lease the software and the data of their players remains their property.

Furthermore, the software will usually come with a racebook, an online casino and a live betting platform.

Customer and IT Support – The top Pay Per Head Services will have a Customer Service department for both the gamblers and the bookies.

Other Features of a Pay Per Head Provider – These features are not available with every provider but a good Pay Per Head service will have them available.

  • Telephone Wagering
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Player Risk Management Tools
  • Data Transfer
  • Custom Gambling website

Smart Bookies Use the Pay Per Head Services

If you are looking to Open your Own Gambling Website and Operation, then use Pay Per Head Services.  This is because it is the #1 PPH provider in the industry in terms of quality of service, software and cost.

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