Pay Per Head Update: The Coronavirus and Tennis

A lot of bookies using are seeing an increase in action in their respective sportsbooks. We are seeing a lot of professional sports leagues announcing season schedules. In addition, other international sports events are resuming and rescheduling their matches. Athletes around the world are busy getting back into shape. And yet some popular sports stars are testing positive for the coronavirus. For instance, we’ll take a look at the coronavirus and tennis, and what it means for the sports betting industry.

The Coronavirus and Tennis

The Coronavirus and TennisIt seems that tennis players, or tournament organizers have a less effective approach towards the pandemic. This is because they do have quite a few players testing positive for the Covid virus. The latest majors athlete to test positive is American Frances Tiafoe. With the US Open starting at the end of August, many Pay Per Head bookies are wondering if Tiafoe will be able to recover and compete by then.

Tiafoe may have gotten the virus during or after the All-American Team Cup last week. This is the first tournament held in the United States that has no fans watching live. Tiafoe’s potential in the US Open is quite high. But given his illness, we do not know if he can recover by then. Even if he does, many will now wonder if he will be able to perform as wonderfully as he has prior to getting sick.

Tennis Stars Getting Sick

Tiafoe is only the latest name in Tennis to get the Coronavirus. Top ranked Novak Djokovic confirmed late June that both he and his wife has contracted the virus following the Adria Tour. Meanwhile, Borna Coric, Grigor Dimitrov, and Viktor Troicki, who also played in the same tournament, also got the Coronavirus.

Of course, any player that tests positive will need time to recover, and, depending on the calendar, may have to sit out of tournaments. Recovery will be essential to resume their participation, and of course, they will have to test negative to be able to compete.

For bookies, this is a potential nightmare as any change in lineups can affect their lines. And if they are slow on the uptake, then sharps may take advantage of this. It helps to stay competitive with a sportsbook pay per head. Not only will you have access to great lines, but its very easy to keep up with any changes in odds. Bookies can also personalize their operation, which comes very handy, especially during these times when sports events are somewhat different due to the pandemic.


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