Player Payments and Transactions

The Pay Per Head Software makes it easy for bookmakers to keep track of their player’s financial balance. This is because it uses an easy to use an understand Player Payments and Transactions system. Thus, all player account transactions, adjustments and payments can be done in just a few clicks.

For bookies, this is an essential part of good bookkeeping practice for your sportsbook. This tutorial will go over the how to add a free play if you offer bonuses. Furthermore, it will also go over all different types of transactions/payments available.

*If you are still using the older version of our Pay Per Head Software, here is the Player Payment Tutorial for it

How to Create Player Payments, Transactions and Free Plays

How to Create Player Payments, Transactions and Free Plays

First, simply access the Player payment, adjustments, and transaction Tools. Here is how to access it:

  • On the left menu, click on the” Management” link.
  • Then Click on the “Player Management” option.
  • Find the “Player you want to create a payment/transaction for
  • You can Scroll down thru your list of players or use the “search” box option to find the player.
  • Click on the icon that looks like a credit card. If you scroll over it, it will say “pay”
  • A pop up will appear that will allow you to make a Player Payment/Transaction.

How to Create Player Payments, Transactions and Free Plays

  • From there, you just need to choose the Transaction type you want to make and the amount of the transaction.
  • Add a Description if you want so you can remember what the transaction was about or how it was paid or received.
  • Click on Save and you are done!

Editing Player Accounts Player Payments and Transactions – Available Transaction Types Player Payments and Transactions - Available Transaction TypesThere are 4 types of transactions/payments available to agents in the Pay Per Head Software. Each transaction has a specific use to keep a well-organized and balanced sportsbook.

Accrual Adjustment – For bookies, an accrual adjustment is one that affects the weekly balance but not the daily balance. This is mainly for

Adjustment – This is to make a wager related adjustment that will reflect on today’s balance. An example of an adjustment is if a wager was void or to make an adjustment on a payout.

Disbursement – For bookies, a disbursement is paying out money to players.

Receipt – Adjustment to record a payment made to the bookie/agent. In simple terms, this is where a bookie would enter the any payment made by their players to pay off any balance that is owed to them,

Free Play – Adjustment to give Players Free Plays and Bonuses.


Video on How to Make Player Payments and Transactions

How to View the Player Payment Reports and Transactions

Step 1 – Choose How you want to Display the report.

This is done by going to the “Display Options” and choosing whether you want to see:

  • All – This will show all transaction
  • Display Zero Balances – This will only show transactions for players that have a zero balance
  • Positive Balance – This will only show transactions from players that have a positive balance
  • Negative Balance – This will only show transactions from players that have a negative balance

Step 2 – Next is to filter the report to show Payments/Transactions by:

  • Date
  • Transaction type
  • Specific Amount
  • Players that Have a Zero Out Balance

Furthermore, they can also choose how many transactions per page and search for transactions by a specific player.

Bulk Adjustments

In the same section, this is how you can create player adjustments for all of your players.

Bulk Amount – This is if you want to create a player/transaction to all players at the same time. Once you have entered an amount simple click on the “Payment” button.

Zero Out Balances – This is to reset all of your players’ balances. After you check the box, simply click on the “Payment” button.

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