Public Hearing on Michigan Sports Betting Rules Begins

Public Hearing on Michigan Sports Betting Rules BeginsThe next few steps in the launch of a sports betting and online gaming market in Michigan is for the public hearings. This is where they can discuss certain rules pertaining to the sports betting law. The hearing on Michigan sports betting rules will tackle a lot of topics. Some of which are gaming measures and integrity issues, oversight capabilities for the gaming board, safety, control and security standards. In addition, there will be standards for operators to meet so they can apply for a license. As for players, there will also be possible customer protections.

Michigan wants aims to build a strong sports betting market. One that can compete with other states that have successful betting markets such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, among others. And while retail casinos and brick and mortar sportsbooks are profitable, an online presence, as what PayPerHead Sportsbooks have, can also deliver higher profits, especially during this pandemic

Michigan Sports Betting Rules

Those who want to open a sportsbook know that running an online sportsbook will be profitable mainly due to accessibility and ease of use. In spite of a pandemic that has people shut inside their homes, and despite some sports league delaying their seasons, the market is doing remarkably well. Illinois, for instance, has a $52.5 million handle for its first month- during the pandemic. Likewise, New Jersey broke the record for the highest handle of all time in all states with a mobile handle of $601.9 million for August.

Which is why even if the pandemic has not ended, officials will push through with the process. The hearing will be done through Microsoft Teams, and join the conference. Written comments may also be sent via mail or email to the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The MGCB is optimistic that they can launch by late fall, especially if they finish the rules by October. The accreditation process for operators could take around a month. If all goes as scheduled, residents may be able to place bets by late November or December. They will have missed the MLB and NBA seasons, but they will have just enough time to get ready for the Super Bowl.