Push Your Bookie Software Advantages

When it comes to finding ways to increasing your income as a bookie, you have a lot of options available. There are a lot of marketing strategies you can use, like advertising, social media promotions, and other online marketing efforts. But sometimes, you can get more by taking advantage of what you already have, and finding ways to squeeze in more income from it. And if you use bookie software for sportsbooks, then all you need to do is push your bookie software features and advantages.

How exactly is can you do this? First off, you need to know everything about your bookie software. There are countless ways you can use it to earn more. For instance, line and player management happens in real time, so if you are quick in adjusting lines, you can take advantage of being the first sportsbook to offer a specific line that is attractive to your players. You can also increase the limits of your players. This gives you direct access to higher bets. You just need to check your bookie reports to see if this strategy is effective for your players. If not, then you can just push back the limits again.

Your Bookie Software and Its Advantages

Push Your Bookie Software AdvantagesAs a pay per head bookie, you can offer virtually anything to your players. This can be a big advantage that you should push to your players, and those you are inviting to join your sportsbook. For instance, in some countries, there are no available options for foreign markets. If you have players who would want to bet on, say, Asian table tennis, then make sure that you promote this to your player. Profiling ang getting to know your players’ preferences will be a big help here. European players may want to explore US sports, and US players may want to get to know Asian MMA. Or, even better, introduce your players to eSports altogether.

Some pay per head providers offer their own unique features as well. Price Per Player, for instance, has a player prop bet builder feature. This allows your players to create their own personalized proposition bets through real-time odds calculation in the prop bet builder section of your sportsbook. As this is a feature that not all sportsbooks offer, make sure you feature this when promoting your sportsbook. And, in case that your players have not tried it out, invite them to try a wager or two. While all of these tips seem like a very small effort, it actually helps you get more from what you currently have. It means every increase in revenue you get form these efforts, goes straight to your profit margins. This is a great way to generate more profits without spending more money.


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