Remote Registration for Online Betting in Illinois

When it comes to online sports betting, convenience and accessibility are crucial. This is why companies like continue to find ways to ensure that bookies and their players are able to use online sportsbook services easily. Bookies are always looking out for ways that they can make their players feel comfortable and safe in using their online sportsbooks. From online or remote registration for online betting to getting payouts, players should be able to do everything with the least amount of inconveniences.

Which is why when it comes to joining sportsbooks, bookies offer a few features that players find enticing. First, of course, are bonuses. The second, would be the security measures. Third, is the ease of signing up and joining. As is the nature of online gambling, the standard procedure is to whip up your phone, open a browser, type in the site, and register. And then, just like that, you are in. You can now easily join in and place your wagers. But some states are still restrictive in this aspect.

Remote Registration for Online Bettors in Illinois

Remote Registration for Online Betting in IllinoisIllinois law requires bettors to physically visit a casino to be able to register for mobile sports betting. It defeats the purpose of making online betting easier for bettors. During the pandemic, it was even more inconvenient and unsafe. It was also impossible at some point when casinos were shut down. During that time, Governor J.B. Pritzker temporarily allowed residents to register online. But when pandemic restrictions eased, the rule was put back into place. It became harder for new bettors to register again.

Unlike those from a bookie pay per head software, Illinois sportsbooks will not let residents play on online until they visit a brick-and-mortar casino to register. Thankfully, this will only be until March 4. Starting this Saturday, at 10:00 am CST, residents can now directly register on their preferred online sportsbook and start placing their bets. Thanks to HB3136 that Gov. Pritzker signed back in December, remote registration for online sports betting in Illinois will now make sports betting more accessible to residents.


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