Should I Become a Sports Betting Agent?

Become a Sports Betting Agent or a Bookie?In today’s sports gambling market, there are many ways to make a profit from it. Whether you decide to become a professional sports bettor or open an online sportsbook, the options are many. However, one course of action that many people forget is the sports betting or bookie agent option. In this bookie tutorial, we will go over whether you should Become a Sports Betting Agent or not.

Before we begin, let’s talk about the difference between being a sports betting agent and a bookie.

The word “bookie” is slang for bookmaker and is a person who runs a sports betting operation. While they are not on the same scale as a sportsbook, they essentially do the same job. Just on a smaller and more local basis. Basically, it is someone who takes wagers directly from players collects money from the losers and pays the winners.

In addition, a bookie also sets odds, moves their own betting lines, creates promotions and of course, manages their clients. However, today most bookies use a Pay Per Head service to help them do all of that.

A Sports Betting agent on the other hand is like a middleman for bookies and sportsbooks. This is because they bring players to a bookie and even take bets from players. In exchange, they take a cut of the vig. In fact, it is not unusual for an agent to work with several bookies at the same time. This is because the players they bring are essentially theirs and they decide which bookie is best for them.

Become a Sports Betting Agent or a Bookie?

Today, a sports betting agents and a bookie are more or less interchangeable. This is thanks to bookie PPH solutions and better sports betting software. However, one thing remains true between the two. Bookies take more risks because they are responsible for payouts. On the other hand, sports betting agents are not responsible for them. Of course, the rewards are proportional to the risk they each take.

Each job has its own pros and cons but it is not unusual for a sports betting agent to become a bookie.

Whatever job you decide is best for you, can help. This is because our state-of-the-art gambling software allows bookies to have as many agents as they want. Thanks to our Master bookie management system, bookies are able to give agents their own account in their system.

This means bookies can create an agent login and agent can then add their own players to the system. From there, the bookie can just set the commission the agent makes from the vig of each player.

The best part is that the agent will have control of their own players. Therefore, they can set their players’ betting limits, gambling options and more. Basically, agents have almost all of privileges of the bookie.

For the bookie, there are not extra fee for having sub-agents. This is because they continue to pay per player which can be as low as $2 per player with!

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