Sports Betting in Connecticut

Legislators in Connecticut are busy with bills that they need to discuss, study, and pass. Among the list of bills, there are four specific legislation under proposal that is specific to sports betting. Of course, with neighboring states legalizing sports betting, Connecticut does not want to be last to do this. Rightfully so, since the gambling industry in the US is gaining traction, and the demand for quality sports betting platform is higher than ever.

One of the above-mentioned bills, is legislation from Senator Cathy Osten. This bill, if it passes, will authorize both recognized tribes, Mashantucket Pequots and the Mohegans to start their sportsbook operations. This will be done through their casinos. This can be done through mobile platforms as well. Also, the Connecticut Lottery can also offer keno products through an agreement with the two tribes.

Sports Betting in Connecticut: the Bills

The second bill, is aimed to launch the Connecticut Gaming Commission, which authorizes a bidding process to develop an integrated casino resort in Bridgeport. MGM is one entity behind this bill, and they have been wanting to pass legislation for years already. The third bill for discussion, is also about letting tribes operate in the state. This will, eventually, end with a joint casino project between the two tribes.

Lastly, there is also a bill that tackles the legalization of sports betting. Again, this bill is there to that the state can allow sports wagering. And be able to compete with neighboring states. Instead of losing possible revenue generation from licenses and taxes to citizens travelling outside state lines to gamble.

Currently, Rhode Island is one of Connecticut’s neighbors that has legalized sports betting. As to the discussion on all four bills, there will be a hearing today by the Connecticut Public Safety and Security Committee. So far, the bills also have the support of state governor Ned Lamont, who believes that this will be a great source of revenue – specifically online and sports betting – for the state.




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