Sports Betting in Illinois Increases by 49% in September

Football season is definitely good for sports betting in Illinois. With both the NFL and NCAA football starting last September, many a pay per head bookie has become busier than ever. Some sports betting markets are setting new monthly betting handles, while some are showing nearly double the handle of the previous month. This is the the case of Illinois, where sportsbooks recorded a handle of $596.5 million. Which is a 49% increase from August’s $400.4 million.

Meanwhile, mobile sports betting in the state also shows a huge increase of 49.9%. August’s $380.2 million handle ballooned into $569.9 million. Clearly, using a sports betting platform software to take in wagers is proving to be very profitable in the state, taking in majority of the wagers made. In states where online sports betting is legal, mobile platforms are the preferred channel of majority of sports bettors, with perhaps the exception of Nevada.

Sports Betting in Illinois and the US

Sports Betting in Illinois Increases by 49% in SeptemberThe increase in betting handles across multiple industries throughout the US began in August, but September’s massive surge in sports betting activity is setting new betting record handles across the country. The numbers for the whole country is not yet complete for September, but we are already seeing a nationwide handle of $5.2 billion for the month, which is 69.6% higher than August’s $3.1 billion. Illinois is doing quite well, considering the performance of neighboring betting markets.

Similarly, the Illinois sports revenue also increased a lot, with a 48.9% increase from August’s $26.849 million, to September’s $39.991 million. Football is the most-bet on sport, taking in $227.3 million worth of wagers. Baseball comes second at $116.3 million, and tennis at third with $55.5 million. Soccer took in more wagers than basketball, with $34.2 million over $10 million, respectively. However, basketball may bring in more wagers in the months to come, with the NBA starting in October, and college basketball following in November.


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