Sports Betting in Montana to Happen Soon: The Details

March Madness of the NCCA basketball season is coming up soon. Will sports bettors from Montana be able to wager on their favorite teams by then? The latest update says that as early as March 9, we could see developments in allowing sports betting in Montana. Lottery retailers with licenses could start installing as early as March 9. Then, betting could start once everything is set, and employees are fully trained.

Despite Montana being one of the states that aggressively went for sports betting, you still will not see online wagering being done. The absence of bookie software will probably result in lower betting action and revenue. Especially when we compare them with states that offer online sports betting.

Sports Betting in Montana

sports betting MontanaThere will be over 100 retailers who have authorization to install and operate in the state, with more to come. But given the various sportsbook pay per head prices, one can see that online sports betting is not that much of an expense as well. Despite the accessibility that online betting offers, the state will stick to retail betting.

The Montana Lottery Commission also only allows moneyline, totals, in-game, parlays, futures, and spread prop wagers. As for the eligibility of events you can bet on, there are also guidelines on what sport to bet on. Both professional and college sports can be bet on. Montana residents can bet on basketball, football, hockey, football, soccer, baseball, tennis, boxing, MMA, golf and motor sports.

Current measures will allow for mobile betting within premises, which defeats the purpose of a true mobile betting experience. Hopefully, this will change in the future. Wagers will also have a $250 cap for anyone who wants to wager anonymously. Likewise, the Montana lottery system also has a mechanism where people can register and deposit money. They cannot wager more than the amount deposited, though.