Sports Betting in New Hampshire This April Has Lower Handle, But Higher Revenue

When you invest in the sports betting industry, you will have to learn about keeping track of market trends and how to interpret them. Normally, the trends are pretty direct- if you have a better handle, then more people were betting than the previous month. And that is good for business. Likewise, it also shows you a trend- that if every March, for instance, you have more wagers, then the boost must be due to March Madness. In the Summer, you will have lower handles, because of less sports events. But sometimes the handle can be inversely proportional with sports betting, particularly with revenue. Something we are seeing in sports betting in New Hampshire this April.

Normally, if you see an increase in handle in your sports betting software, you will assume that you will be earning more for that month. But an increase in handle does not directly mean an increase in revenue. The potential to earn more is there, but due to other factors, like expenses and hold percentage, you can see more bets and less revenue, or the opposite of this.

Sports Betting in New Hampshire This AprilHas Lower Handle, But Higher RevenueSports Betting in New Hampshire This April: The Handle and Revenue

New Hampshire sees $65.1 million in wagers this April. This is 10.9% lower than April 2022, and also 37% lower than $103.4 million in March. March was the highest handle the state has seen, so it will be tough to beat. It does give us less betting activity, even compared to the previous year. You can track your own sportsbook’s monthly activities through your sportsbook solutions provider, so you can see the trend in your own operation.

However, the revenue that sportsbooks in the state have us at $6.7 million. This is a whopping 97.1% increase from 2022, and 39.6% more than March’s. So even though we are seeing less wagers, revenue is actually doing better. This means better revenue for sportsbooks. So when looking at sports betting data, do not just look at the handle. Take a look at other factors that can affect betting, and of course, your revenue. As long as your sportsbook is earning, much like sportsbooks in New Hampshire, then there is nothing to worry about.


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