Sports Betting Software News in Ohio

Our latest sports betting news comes from Ohio, as legislators introduce a new gambling bill again. And if you have been keeping track of industry news to make sure your sports betting platform is up-to-date, then you may think this is a repeat post. But it is not. This is the second gambling bill that the Ohio Senate has.

The first bill on sports betting is Senate Bill 111. This bill covers the basics on sports betting. But this has not been moving, not even a discussion in any committee. The second bill, however, takes after a recently approved bill in West Virginia. Ohio legislators hope that this bill can gain more traction than the other.

Sports Betting Software in Ohio

If you are itching to get your hands into using your sports betting software in Ohio, it may take a while. Representatives Dave Greenspan and Brigid Kelly, who are the authors of the bill, are hoping for a better outcome. This bipartisan duo is hoping that since the bill is from both a democrat and a republican, that the discussion of the bill will move faster.

The bill aims to authorize bets in casinos and racinos, and centers for veterans and fraternal organizations as well. There will be a 10% tax that they will base on activity. The proceeds will go to running a sports gambling programs as well as other education programs of the state.

Passing a sports betting bill in Ohio can prove to be good for the state. Lawmakers estimate a $30 million per year collection from wagers placed. As for getting approval from the office of the Governor, things are quiet so far. Governor Mike DeWine has said previously that he would prefer that the houses discuss and finalize the details. However, he has not said anything that gives away his stance on the topic.

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