Sports Betting without Sports – Sportsbooks Getting Creative

The Creative Side of Sports BettingThe global shut down of sports because of the spread of the coronavirus is affecting many lives around the world. Furthermore, many industries are in trouble from the restaurant industry to the travel and sports betting industry. In fact, the world economy will lose trillions of dollars before this is over.  For sportsbooks, the question is about how to earn money Sports Betting without Sports around.

For some states and countries, the cancellation or postponements of sports is an indirect win against illegal sports betting.  However, for the rest of the legal sportsbooks, this is quite a problem that could possible put the out of business.

According to Pay Per Head Sportsbook companies, sporting events around the world may not resume until June.  In addition, this estimate is very loose as it will depend on whether the COVID-19 epidemic gets better or worst.  Thus, what are sportsbooks and sports bettors doing to outlast Sports Betting with No Sports?

The Creative Side of Sports Wagering

The good online sportsbooks have always had more then just sports betting available for their clients. This is because they offer a wide array of gambling platform as an extra incentive to use their sports betting platform.  Therefore, sportsbooks also offer online casinos, live casino playing, horse betting, eSports Betting and much more.

However, with the lack of sporting events, how can a sportsbook convert players to other gambling options?  For those who have not been to a sportsbook recently, bookies have begun to add different leagues to bet on.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you see odds on Taiwanese basketball or the Nicaraguan Premier League at your sportsbook.  Furthermore, some sportsbooks are now offering odds on Amateur sports leagues and even WWE!

In addition, are is getting more creative with their available bets to help their clients attract more bettors. Thus, you will see bets like which word will President Trump repeat the most in his coronavirus briefing.

Sportsbooks are not under the illusion that adding more leagues or unusual bet to their betting board is a solution. The loss from lack of wagers is significant and adding creative bets is just a drop in the bucket.  However, it does help to keep their players betting even if its just a fraction of what they usually wager.

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