Sportsbook Pay Per Head Industry on the Rise

Last updated on May 8th, 2018 at 02:18 am

The sportsbook pay per head industry had its humble beginning back in the late 1990s as an industry of its own even though its origins began as an agent software for sportsbook in the mid 1990s. Even though many companies claim that they invented the pay per head sportsbook, we do know that in the past few years, this industry has been on the rise.

The sportsbook pay per head industry is on the rise In fact, in the past few years, 93% of all new sportsbooks around the world start out using a bookie pay per head service because it allows bookies to start their own betting operation at a fraction of the cost of starting a sportsbook from the ground up.

In the past three years, the number of searches on the internet for pay per head services has increased by 900%. The number of searches was only 1,000 per month and today, they are 10,000 searches for that term.

The number of searches for how to become an online bookie and for sports betting software has also steadily increased in the past three years but plateau out last year at around 1,000 searches per month. Several Sportsbook pay per head companies have seen an increase of customers in the past three years noting that they are seeing more 16% increase compared to 2015.

Some speculate that part of the sportsbook pay per head boom is because the number of paid sportsbook pay per head advertisement has drastically increased in the past 5 years.

The number of sportsbook pay per head companies has also increased showing an average growth of 12.5% every year. In addition, 80% of gambling and sports betting software providers have added a bookie pay per head option to their list of services., a sports betting software company that also offers a bookie pay per head service, says that many traditional bookies are not starting to see the advantage of using a pay per head service. Such services not only allows them to offer more betting options to their players but also allows their players to place more bets because of its online capabilities and mobile platforms.

On average, around 1,000 sports betting operations get started every year and about 90% of them go out of business the first year and out of those around 50% of them go out of business the following year. Most of these bookies end up closing their shop because of the increase in taxes, permits and other fees involved in running a sports betting operation.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

This is where a bookie pay per head service comes in as it allows bookies to start their own sports betting operation without having to hire a large staff and purchase a sportsbook software which runs well over a quarter of a million dollars.

Many gambling experts and analyst agree that this trend will continue to increase for at least 3 more years and being to plateau as the market becomes saturated with new online sportsbooks.

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