Sportsbooks Expected to See $16 Billion in 2023 Super Bowl Bets

The 2023 Super Bowl is the largest sports event in the country this year. It is also the highest grossing event in sportsbooks across the country. Everyone in the sports betting industry has been preparing for this for months. And finally, all our hard work will come into fruition on February 12. This Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles will be facing the Kansas City Chiefs to find out who is the best in the NFL this season.

Your sportsbook pay per head will already be taking in wagers, and probably have, as soon as the conference finals ended. And you are not the only one. According to the prediction of the American Gaming Association, around 50 million people across the country will be betting around $16 billion on the 2023 Super Bowl.

2023 Super Bowl Bets

Sportsbooks Expected to See $16 Billion in 2023 Super Bowl BetsLooking at Super Bowl betting numbers is also a good indicator in seeing growth in the gambling industry. The estimates now are much higher than last year. We have a 61% increase in the number of players placing wagers. Meanwhile, the $16 billion estimate is already more than double of 2022’s.

The increase in the estimates is due to a larger customer base, with more and more states legalizing sports betting. In addition, the newfound popularity of sports betting is driving people to create a sportsbook online. Using reliable sportsbook solutions, they are able to offer players with more betting options that can easily be done online.

The 2023 Super Bowl will be held in Glendale, Arizona this weekend. This gives bookies the perfect opportunity to offer a wide range of betting options to the public. Aside from regular wagers, prop bets are extremely popular in sportsbooks. This is especially true for the NFL, as a lot of wagers made are actually prop bets on the Super Bowl, from wagers on the National Anthem to who scores first.


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