Sportsbooks in the US: Current Bills on Sports Betting

Sportsbooks in the US: Current Bills on Sports BettingSportsbooks in the US are proliferating. And with an industry that grows even more lucrative each year, it comes as no surprise than more and more states will legalize sports betting in their respective areas. This 2020, New York legalizing sports betting has been the model state for sports betting. With billions in handle since its launch early this year, New York is fast becoming one of the biggest sports betting markets in the country.

Some states are learning from others like New York, and are more receptive to legalizing sports betting in their states. The use of sportsbook solutions to deliver sports betting products to the public has been such a game changer in sports betting. For one, it is making sports betting more mainstream. And second, it is making it easier for people to gain access to sports betting. Let’s take a look at states which currently have sports betting bills aiming to allow sports betting, whether retail, online, or both.

Sportsbooks in the US with Pending Sports Betting Bills

South Carolina

South Carolina currently has House Bill 5277, filed just this April 21, aiming to add provisions to the Code of Laws on South Carolina 1976. If this bill passes into law, the state will issue around 8-12 mobile betting licenses. There will be a 10% tax on adjusted gross betting income. Meanwhile, the application and licensing fees will be at $500,000 each, lasting 3 years.


Up in the Northeast, legislators introduced Maine’s House bill 585 back in February 2021. This bill is a tribal governance bill that will allow the state’s tribes, off-track facilities and racetracks to take in sports bets. The bill has already passed Maine’s Senate and House, and is now in the state’s Special Appropriations Table, which is the last step before the bill lands in the desk of the Governor’s office.


Missouri is one of the states that aims to allow both retail and online betting. Given how much action a PPH sportsbook gets any given day, it would be smarter for the state to allow online sportsbooks to operate in the state. Especially since the numbers point to higher shares of wagers coming in from mobile platforms more than retail sportsbooks. Missouri’s House Bill 2502 was introduced back in January. The bill allows both brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, as well as online sportsbooks, to apply for license in the state. The bill is currently in the state Senate.


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