Super Bowl Sportsbook Success: Betting Handle in the US

Sunday was the Super Bowl. Expectedly, this is the biggest sport betting event in the country. Such is the popularity of betting on the Super Bowl that the betting handle in the US has helped states increase their numbers from last years’. In the NFL’s 100th season, the Super Bowl 54 ended with the Kansas City Chief beating the San Francisco 49ers 31-20.

Patrick Mahomes, Super Bowl MVP, surprised everyone with a very exciting comeback in the fourth quarter which helped the team score big, and eventually win their first Super Bowl in decades.

Betting Handle in the US

Super Bowl BettingLooking at the numbers of states that have legalized sports betting in the US, Nevada leads in terms of both betting handle and revenue. Nevada sportsbooks took in $154.7 million in handle, with a revenue that most Sportsbook PayPerHead bookies aspire to have: $18.8 million. Of course, Nevada follows suit with a $54.2 handle, but having a negative revenue by -$4.3 million. Another state in the East, Pennsylvania, takes the third spot with a $30.7 million handle. Their revenue, same as New Jersey, is in the red at -$3.3 million.

Any sportsbook pay per head demo will show you lines on football, as it is the top sport people like to bet on. Therefore, bookies make the effort to give their players a great football betting experience. And the numbers prove the sport’s popularity. Nevada’s Super Bowl handle grew by 6% from last year’s $145.9n million to $154.7 million. Meanwhile, New Jersey’s Super Bowl betting handle grew a whopping 55.7% from $34.8 million to $54.2 million.

Pennsylvania also shows a $30.7 million betting handle for its first Super Bowl offering. The state is one of the newer betting markets, having been open and legal since May 2019. Other states, like Mississippi, also show a great handle given the relative newness of the betting markets in their states. Super Bowl betting was us by 43% higher than last year. Of course, states like Rhode Island, Iowa, West Virginia, Oregon, Delaware, and New Hampshire also have betting handles in the millions, ranging from $2 million to $6.7 million.