Television Broadcasters are Gambling Big on Sports Betting

Television Broadcasters are Gambling Big on Sports BettingJust a year after the Supreme Court took down PASPA, legal sport betting is now available in 7 states.  In addition, 7 more states have legal sports betting and are just waiting to implement it within their borders. Thus, Television Broadcasters are Gambling Big on Sports Betting in order to profit from sports wagering in the U.S.

Several television broadcasters have already made their moves by adding sports betting shows in their lineup.  Furthermore, many broadcasters have also made partnerships with sports leagues, sportsbooks and sports celebrities to cash in on sports betting. The big question is whether the early bird gets the worm or if it’s too early for television gambling broadcasts.

Of course, several other gambling industries are also in the race to profit from legal sports gambling in the U.S.  For example,, sports betting software and Pay Per Head provider is also becoming a major player. However, they are more low key and not as obvious as the large television broadcasting companies.

Television Broadcasters Moving Quickly to Enter the Sports Betting Market

Currently, it is a free for all as television broadcasters are moving quickly to enter the sports betting market. One could almost say that it is the Wild West out there. This is because gambling industry news outlets are reporting new sports gambling shows and partnership being made every week.

Sinclair Broadcast Group is possibly the possibly the company that is investing the most in sports betting broadcasts.  Last May, in partnership with the Weather Channel, they bought 21 regional sports network and Fox College Sports from Disney. On top of that, they will be starting a sports network with the Chicago Cubs.

However, they are not the only players in town. Fox also made an announcement about launching Fox Bet with Star Group which will be their own sports betting brand. In addition, Fox Sports is also talking with the NFL, the MLB and NASCAR to implement more sports betting shows.

Of course, Warner Media and NBC Sports have no intention of being left out. Turner Sports and Bleacher Report recently made a deal to have a studio inside Caesars Palace Sportsbook in Las Vegas. Furthermore, NBC has Pick ‘Em games which is a sport betting broadcast for its Premier League and golf coverage.

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