The Benefits of Using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head to Open a Gambling Website

The Benefits of Using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head to Open a Gambling WebsiteThe global gambling market is currently worth $465 billion and could rise as high as $516 billion this year. Needless to say, it is a popular market to enter whether you want to open a sportsbook, or a casino. However, not everyone knows how to start a Gambling website as they are many options available on the market. Therefore, Today, we go over The Benefits of Using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head to Open a Gambling Website.

The most popular method to open a gambling website include using a White label sportsbook service or an iGambling Platform. However, these are vey costly in the tens of thousands per month depending on the features you get. They are however, still cheaper then starting a sportsbook from scratch where you have to buy the gambling software, the infrastructure and everything else.

Then, we have the Sportsbook Pay Per Head option.  The Sportsbook PPH option is the method of choice by bookies to open a sportsbook in a matter of minute. It is basically an anonymous method to start an offshore gambling website without breaking the bank. Basically, it allows bookies to rent the gambling software, staff and infrastructure for a small weekly fee. Furthermore, operators keep complete control over their players and have all of the features of a normal sportsbook or casino.

Benefits of a Sportsbook Pay Per Head to Open a Gambling Website

Now that you know how a sportsbook pay per head works, lets talk about the benefits of using one.


A sportsbook PPH only charges a small weekly fee per active player.  This means that gambling operators only have to pay for their players that actually play in a given week. Thus, if you have 100 players and only 65 actually play in a week, you only pay for those 65.

The cost per player will depend on the service you use and the features you get. Normally, the price range will vary from $1 per layer to as high as $30 per player. The average price is about $10 per player for the basic sportsbook and extra features like live betting and a live-dealer casino will cost extra.

That is unless you use the Sports Betting Solution which costs between $2 to $5 per player. Needless to say, it is the best deal on the market because no matter the price, you get all of the features of the service.  These include: sports betting, live betting, racebook, casino, live dealer casino, player prop bet generator and more. This is because the cost depends on the number of players you have. Therefore, the more players you have the cheaper the cost!

In addition, using a PPH provider is also cost-efficient because they provide the infrastructure for your business. This includes not only the gambling platform and player website but also customer service and odds management.

Helpful Risk Management Tools

Operating a gambling website is more then just having the right software and the clients. It is also about being able to manage your sportsbook and making a profit. This is where a PPH provider likes comes into the picture.

With 80 years of experience in the gambling industry, we know exactly what gambling operators need to turn a profit. Thus, we have come up with the prefect tools and platform to help bookmakers become successful. This includes, risk management tools, report generators and more!

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