The Bookie Timetable: How Long Does It Take to Open a Sportsbook?

Many who are in the sports betting industry dream of opening their own sportsbooks. It is, after all, much more lucrative than just betting on sports. However, many seem intimidated by the whole process of how to become a bookie. So in today’s tutorial, we’ll discuss one of the many concerns would-be bookies have. What does the bookie timetable look like? How long does it take to open an online sportsbook?

If you are starting from scratch on your own, your fastest option is to go for a pay per head service. This is a customized, ready-made bookie software that automatically creates an online sportsbook for you. It covers everything, from a sportsbook website your players can bet on, to a bookie management website where you adjust your betting lines and player limits. Both sites are fully integrated, so any changes, and wagers made, are updated in real time.



Bookie Timetable: The Fast Way to Be a Bookie

The Bookie Timetable: How Long Does It Take to Open a Sportsbook?Your other option is to contact a company that creates software and websites. Some of them do handle sportsbook creation, but it costs a lot of money, and can take up anywhere from 6 months to a year from start to launch. With a pay per head software, you get set up as soon as you give your players access. The preparation for going live will depend on your schedule, and at the pace you set.

But because this is a turnkey software solution, you just need to input information and you are good to go. When you sign up for the service, the betting odds are already available. There, you will be able to offer odds on a large variety of sports, from the NFL, to UEFA, and more. Of course, there is also a player management section where you can create player profiles and set their limits. There are various other tools to help you customize and manage your sportsbook.

If you can get everything sorted in one sitting, then you can already go live. You can complete the whole process of opening a sportsbook in just minutes. As soon as your players log in to your sportsbook, they can send you their deposit, view the odds, and place their bets. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and at least half a year, you get an online sportsbook in minutes, at a fraction of the cost, too.


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