The Guide to In-Play Betting: Part 1- The Basics

In-play betting is one of the best innovations that sports betting has. It started way back in the early 2000’s online, and grew widely in Europe. Later on, In-play sports betting finds its way across to the US, and the rest, they say is history. Now, In-Play betting, also called live betting, is so popular, that around 70% of wagers made in many a sports betting platform are in-play bets. So, to those who want to understand what In-Play wagering is all about, we have our guide to In-Play betting.

Its just as important as knowing your gambling software basics to know what bets are made in your sportsbook. Which is why we will be starting with the very basics of In-Play betting. Our multi-part series of tutorials on In-Play Betting will cover a lot, but its important that you have a solid foundation on what In-Play betting is.

Guide to In-Play Betting- The Basics

The Guide to In-Play Betting: Part 1- The BasicsIn-Play betting is exactly what it says it is: it’s the ability to place bets on games that have already started. So, as the game unfolds, you can still place your wagers. This can be very fast-paced, especially in some sports like basketball and football. Live betting was a bit hard to do with manual bookmaking. But now that you have your online sportsbook, setting and moving lines are very easy to do. And given how fast the lines can move, some bets will only be available for seconds, which makes this very exciting for those into sports betting.

Let’s set the scene for you to understand. In an NBA game, for example, the Lakers and the Clippers are playing against each other. The Lakers are the favorites by 3 points in the latest pre-game odds. This is the odds that people usually would bet on for traditional wagers. Now, the game goes on, and eventually we see a 33-3 score and the Clippers are winning. During the game, In-Play bets will be different throughout, where the point spread will be shifting. So, if your bet pre-game was bad, then In-Play bets could possibly save a bettor. This is why In-Play sports betting is so popular, and why it can be very profitable for you to offer this in your sportsbook. In our next part of our In-Play guide, we’ll get into the specifics of in-play betting.


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