The Most Common Bookie Pay Per Head Mistakes

The Most Common Mistakes Made by Pay Per Head Bookie OperatorsRunning a sportsbook operation is like any other business because it takes hard work and dedication to become successful bookie.  In addition, even bookies with many years of experience will sometimes make costly mistakes. Therefore, to help bookies become successful, here is a compilation of The Most Common Bookie Pay Per Head Mistakes.

When it comes to running a sportsbook, a mistake can be very costly for your business.  Most of the mistakes made by bookies are human errors and have nothing to do with the sports betting platform. However, most of these mistakes are easily avoidable with the proper knowledge and attention to detail.

No one ever said that being an independent bookie would be easy as it is a competitive industry. Fortunately, at, your success is our success.  Thus, we want to help you by listing the most common bookie mistakes and how to avoid them.

The Most Common Mistakes Made by Pay Per Head Bookie Operators

Choosing the Right Bookie Pay Per Head Provider

The truth is that Bookie Pay Per Head companies provide the same basic services.  This is because they all give your players a sports betting platform and a way to manage your sportsbook. However, some Pay Per Head are more expensive than others while others are more reliable and have better features.

The trick is to find a reliable provider with no down-time, excellent security, multiple gambling options at an affordable price. is of course, the smart choice as it has a 99.99% uptime, can handle large volume of traffic. In addition, it has the largest number of gambling options, has multi-lingual platform, and only cost $5 Per Player.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Inaccurate Odds

This is one of the costliest mistakes a bookie can make.  This is because as having the wrong odds at the wrong moment can lead to losing a lot of money. However, having the right Pay Per Head Provider can easily fix that.  This is because a good Bookie PPH will have professional handicappers working 24/7 to ensure you have the accurate odds.

Choosing the Wrong Players for your Sportsbook

Large sportsbooks do not have to worry about having the wrong type of players because they go by volume. However, smaller gambling operations do not have that luxury with only a few hundred players. Therefore, bookies need to prioritize the quality of their players.

You do not necessarily want players that lose on a regular basis even though they are the ideal players.  Bookies want players that bet and pay on a regular basis. Furthermore, stay away from sharp players and don’t cater to bettors that wager more then you can afford to lose.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service