The Nevada Sports Betting Handle for October Sets New State Record

The Nevada Sports Betting Handle for October Sets New State RecordWhen it comes to states breaking records in the gambling industry, Nevada will always be on that list. The Nevada sports betting handle for October is almost $659.9 million. They are one of the top contributors to the US almost having an amazing $3 billion sports betting handle in the month of October alone. This number covers both online sports betting and retail betting from the many sportsbooks across the state. Of course, betting software from online sportsbooks bring in more than half of the wagers in the state.

The Nevada handle for October is 14.7% higher than September’s handle of $575.1 million. And if we compare this October to October 2019, we can see a 21% increase this year from October 2019’s $543.92 million. This October’s $659.9 million is also the highest betting handle the state has seen. Its previous top handle was November 2019, with $614.1 million worth of wagers.

Nevada Sports Betting Handle for October

The exact sports betting handle for the state is $659,899,331. The mobile betting handle is at $376,842,105, which is roughly around 57% of the total handle. This is 19.5% higher than September’s mobile handle of $315,471,779.

Many industry experts are actually expecting Nevada’s numbers to be better if in-person wagering would not be required in the state. Currently, unlike sportsbooks from bookie software solution providers, Nevada online sportsbooks cannot accept new bettors easily. Instead, bettors have to register in-person in a retail sportsbook to create an account.

Nevada Betting Revenue

Revenue from sports betting in October is $42,388,000. This is 28.9% higher than September’s revenue of $32,895,000. However, if we look at the year-on-year data, this year is actually lower than October 2019’s $47,886,000 by around 11.5%. The hold for October is around 6.4%. Of course, football is the leading sport bettors wagered on (NFL, followed by college football), next from basketball, baseball, and other sports.


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