The Possibility of Mobile Sportsbooks in New York is at 50%

Right now, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, offer online sports betting. These states are available for any New Yorker to travel to if they want to place bets on most sports in their preferred online sportsbook. For most in New York, it may be more accessible to drive or commute to the next state than to drive upstate to New York casinos. Currently, only a few casinos offer sports betting, and they are quite hard to travel to. And with renewed efforts by legislators, the chances of seeing mobile sportsbooks in New York is now at 50%.

While this is better than last year’s chances, its still a far cry from other states who have successful sports betting markets. In fact, many can easily open a sportsbook that will give people the opportunity to run their very own online sportsbooks. And if the Senate will not finalize the policy on mobile betting, then that number may go back down to 0.

Mobile Sportsbooks in New York

The Possibility of Mobile Sportsbooks in New York is at 50%The current legislation that aims to add mobile sports betting in New York is included in the state’s proposed budget for the fiscal year 2022. There are less than 3 days for the state to finalize the bill. There are a lot of obstacles that this bill is facing, and some of it are related to sports betting. For one, both houses, as well as the Governor, have plans on mobile betting. But there is still no confirmation if their proposals are the same. And until we can see what these parties have in store for mobile betting, we will not know if they are similar enough to be able to be included in the state’s budget in time.

Becoming a bookie is very easy, especially if we are talking about using online sportsbook platforms to reach your players. By running an online sportsbook, your players can easily place bets from their homes, at any given time. This means that you, as a bookie, can also operate wherever you are in the world.


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