Track the NBA Season for Your Sportsbook

The NBA is the most popular basketball league around the world. Of course, it is also one of the most popular sports leagues to get sports betting action. Which is why the best PPH sportsbook bookies always have the NBA in their wagering options. Of course, your provider has to offer sports betting solutions that will cover live betting, prop bets even.

The NBA just had the All-Star Game, as well as the skills challenge before that. While these events were fun to bet on as a break from the season wagers, things are going to get serious, soon. All of the NBA teams have so far played 56 games at the minimum, meaning, the post season is near.

NBA Season Update

So far, the favorites to win the season title are the Golden State Warriors, at -230. But the Toronto Warriors are proving to be a threat to the Warriors, and are second favorite at +750. The Philadelphia 76ers are at +1000, and have good potential as well. Especially since they now have one of the best starting 5 line-ups, next to the Warriors.

Of course, all eyes are on the Los Angeles Lakers, ever since LeBron James hopped over. But the chances of them getting a title this season is under question. But, LeBron is LeBron. This means that a lot of fans who bet on sports recreationally will be betting on the Lakers. They are currently at +1100. Again, given how the Lakers are performing, the numbers don’t seem to add up. But, if you have a lot of recreational fans betting on the Lakers or the Warriors just because, then you should know how to manage your NBA lines.

The NBA playoffs for 2019 will be on April 13, so there are a couple of months left for people to finalize their futures, and pick their wagers for the playoffs. This means your sportsbook should be getting some action by now, and that you, as a bookie, should be checking your operation diligently.

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