Update on which States have Legal Sports Betting

Update on which States have Legal Sports BettingWe are currently in the middle of the NFL preseason and we are getting a lot of requests from bookies.  However, they are not just asking about our gambling products.  They are asking us about which States have Legal Sports Betting available.

Of course, they are asking because the NFL season is right around the corner.  Since football season is very profitable for a sportsbook, now is the time for them to start their operation. Thus, they want to know where they can legally tout their services.

Therefore, we did bit of research for them and the results are in.  However, we chose to divide our finding on which States have Legal Sports Betting into three categories.  We have done this because some states have it legal but are not yet taking sports wagers. Thus, bookies that use our Pay Per Head Services would not be able to open their shop in those states.

States which have Legal Sports Betting Currently Available

So far 9 states have legal sports betting available with actual sportsbooks taking bets from players.

  1. Arkansas – Voters made sports betting legal in Arkansas in November of 2018. The first sports bet in Arkansas took place in July of 2019 at the Oakland Racing Casino Resort.
  2. Delaware – Sports betting has been legal in Delaware since June 2018 and took their first legal bet that same month.
  3. Nevada – Nevada has been taking legal sports bets since 1949 and the first state to have legal sports betting available.
  4. New Jersey – The state of New Jersey has been at the forefront of the fight to legalize sports betting. Thus, sports betting became legal for them on June 11, 2018 and took its first bet on June 14, 2018.
  5. Mississippi – Mississippi became a sports betting legal state in August of 2018 and took its first bet that same month.
  6. New York – Legal sports betting is under the NY State Gaming Commission and took its first bet on July of 2019.
  7. Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania already had a law for legal sports betting and was waiting for PASPA to be overturned. However, the first legal bet in Pennsylvania was not taken in November of 2018.
  8. West Virginia –In August of 2018, West Virginia became the fifth state to have legal sports betting.
  9. Rhode Island – Rhode Island is the eighth state to have legal sports betting. They took their first bet on November 26, 2018.

 States with Legal Sports Betting but Partial Availability

  1. New Mexico – New Mexico is a gray area for this category. Thus is because is legal but at the moment is only available with sportsbooks in tribal territories.
  2. North Carolina – Sports betting has been legal since July 2019 and is currently available in tribal territories.


Update on which States have Legal Sports Betting

States which have legal sports betting but is not yet available

These are the states that already have legal sports betting but as of yet do not have any live sportsbooks.  This is because these states are still working on the legal sports betting infrastructure as well as a regulatory body.

  • Oregon – Betting on sports in Oregon is legal and expects to be taking sports wagers in September.
  • Montana – Sports betting became legal in May of 2019. The Montana State Lottery is in charge and they are hoping to launch sportsbooks this year.
  • Iowa – The bill to legalize sports betting assed in May of 2019.
  • Illinois – Sports Betting has been legal in Illinois since June of 2019.
  • Indiana – Legal sports betting has been legal since May 8, 2019 and they expect sports betting to launch on September 1.
  • Tennessee – Tennessee made it legal on April 30, 2019. However, they do not expect to have sportsbooks running until the end of 2019 or early 2020.
  • New Hampshire – Sports Betting in New Hampshire became in June of 2019. However, the New Hampshire Lottery has not yet given out any licenses.  They expect to have the first legal sportsbook in 2020.

Now that you know where you can legally open a sportsbook, it’s time to look at our betting software services. This is because PricePerPlayer.com offers a full range of sports betting solutions from gambling call center outsourcing to PPH solutions.

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