Using a Live Betting Software to Increase your Sportsbook Profits

Using a Live Betting Software to Increase your Sportsbook ProfitsIn today’s sports betting industry, Live Betting has become an essential part of any successful online sportsbook operation. This is because players want more sports wagering options and more excitement when they bet on sports. Thus, it is only logical to use a Live Betting Software to Increase your Sportsbook Profits and player action.

However, many bookies and bookmakers still do not offer true live in-game betting on their website.  For many, it is because the cost of adding this sportsbook feature is too expensive for them to offer it.  In addition, others believe they do not have the infrastructure to supports it.  Lastly, some bookmakers believe it is not profitable enough to justify the extra expense.

The naysayers could not be further from the truth. Perhaps in its infancy, Live Betting may have been too expensive but today, it is an essential part of any sport betting operation.  In fact, Live Betting has been around since the early 1900s. This is when bookies would take wagers from bettors in the stand during a live game. What is new is that the Live Betting software technology has only been around for a couple of decades.

Why use a Live Betting Software to Increase your Sportsbook Profits?

First off, live betting is much more interesting and engaging then normal sports wagers. Some Sportsbook Pay Per Head Providers go as far as comparing it online casino betting. This is because it combines the speed of almost instant gratification from winning or losing a bet. Thus, for a bookie, a Live Betting Software could really be a game changer for their sportsbook profits. This is because it goes more into luck then anything else.

Furthermore, the latest online gambling insight says that live betting is makes up 30% of all online sports bets.  Therefore, we are talking about $45 billion a year worth of live in-Game bets! Of course, there is always the chance of a sportsbook losing money.  However, if your sportsbook has a good handicapping team, you will increase your profits.

The best way to ensure profits from live betting at a cost-efficient price is to use  This is because their Live Betting platform is part of the normal feature of our Pay Per Head Service.  Thus, the normal $5 per player also includes live betting a team of oddsmaker to ensure profitability.

Therefore, by using the Solution, Bookie are able to increase their profits with live betting at no additional cost.

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