Using Demographics in Your Sportsbook Marketing Plan

Using Demographics in Your Sportsbook Marketing PlanToday, almost anyone can open a sportsbook by using a Pay Per Head solutions. This is because a Bookie PPH gives you everything you need to become a bookie in a matter of minutes. However, just being able to do it does not mean it will become a successful business. This is why having a good marketing plan is an essential part of being a sportsbook owner. In this tutorial, we go over how Using Demographics in Your Sportsbook Marketing Plan is essential to your marketing plan

Sportsbook Demographics are statistics that bookies keep about their clients to help target sales. While the data may vary, they will usually include age, social class, gender, income bracket, education and geography. In the case of a bookmaker, the demographics also include, favorite sports, favorite type of bets and favorite sports teams

Using demographic data, sportsbooks are able to use the characteristics of the people the bet on sports in their area. With this information, bookies are able to spend more of their marketing budget to possible clients. Furthermore, they can stop spending money trying to advertise to people that are unlikely to bet on sports.

Today, the best part about Using Demographics in Your Sportsbook Marketing is that the data is much more accurate than before. This is thanks to the internet and social media where people are constantly sharing and updating their interest.

Why Knowing your Sportsbook Demographics is Essential

When you know the people who are most likely to bet on sports with you, it’s easier to find them. Furthermore, it will help you understand what is important to them which will let you properly market

Using Demographics in Your Sportsbook Marketing Plan – Acquisition and Retention

Doing some market research is of course a great help to identify sports gamblers. In addition, it can also help find subgroups of people that are likely to bet on sports. Since bookies usually cater to a more local crowd, they already have an idea of what recreational bettors want.

For example, if you are starting a bookie business in Atlanta, you would cater to fans of local sports teams. Therefore, you would advertise at places that cater to fans of the Falcons, the Braves, and local college teams.

In terms of retaining your players, it is a matter of studying their betting patterns. A good bookie software will enable you to run reports on specific parameters.  Using the data from such reports, you can then create specific marketing groups wit their own ads and promotions.

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