Virginia Bookie Operators Handle at $236.4M for April

Virginia bookie operators report their sports betting handle for April at $236.4 million. This is only the third month that sports betting is regulated in the state. Currently, Virginia has an online-only sports betting market, as retail sportsbooks and casinos will not be built and operating until 2022 at the earliest. This is a great chance to try out a pay per head solution to become a bookie and corner a growing betting market.

Virginia’s handle of $236.4 million is 22% lower than March’s handle of $304 million. This is normal, as most sportsbooks are reporting the same thing for their April numbers. Meanwhile, the combined adjusted gross revenue for all online sportsbooks in the state total $11.4 million. This is 17.8% lower than that of March’s revenue of $13.8 million. There are 7 operating online sportsbooks in Virginia so far.

Virginia Bookie Market

Virginia Bookie Operators Handle at $236.4M for AprilIf you look at the whole US sports betting market, Virginia is actually doing quite well. For April’s numbers, for instance, Virginia has the 6th highest sports betting handle. Not bad for a very new betting market. New Jersey tops the list at $748 million, with Pennsylvania is the 2nd highest at $479.4 million. You also have Nevada, with a $458.2 million handle at 3rd, and Michigan’s $274.2 million handle comes in at 4th. Next you have Colorado at $244.4 million, with Indiana at $236.4 at 5th and 6th place, respectively.

While all of these states have a slight decrease in betting handle for April, it is still expected. The top 5 states alone bring in $2 billion in handle. The numbers are expected to increase for May, as there are more sports events that people can bet on. For instance, you have the NBA playoffs starting, as well as more MLB games as the season progresses. If anything, it is a great time to get the best bookie software to help you become an online bookie.


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