Voting for Sportsbook Legalization in the US This Elections

Yesterday, voters across the country cast their ballots on both federal and state level posts, as well as various bills that residents have to allow before it becomes law. Some of those bills tackle sportsbook legalization in the US for some states. Let’s take a look at the results of sportsbook legalization in the US based on policy votes and the results on political posts for major decision makers in the state. Keep in mind that these states have different bills for each place, so seeing sportsbook solutions online could happen, or could be set aside for retail betting.

For the midterm elections, the most popular sports betting vote probably goes to California, with the very controversial vote for both Prop 26 and Prop 27. Given how popular using a sportsbook pay per head is to offer online sports wagering, its easy to assume that the market will be open to this. But both bills failed to get enough votes, far from reaching the 50% needed. Many believe that this is due to the massive campaign for the bills, while some think that better legislation could be made.

Sportsbook Legalization in the US: Roundup

Voting for Sportsbook Legalization in the US This ElectionsIn Texas, there was no vote on legalizing sports betting put to the public. However, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott won another term, and he may now be more open to considering sports betting in the Lone Star State. Similarly, Minnesota also has a re-electionist winning, with Democratic Gov. Tim Walz staying for another term. He has stated that he will support sports betting proposals, with the right framework.

South Carolina and Vermont are two other states that do not offer sports betting yet. While there are no pending bills on the subject, those holding public office can tell us the potential of legalization happening. For Vermont, Republican Phill Scott takes another term as Governor, and he has been proposing sports betting legislation for years. South Carolina, however, may have to take a step back because Gov. Henry McMaster has been against sports betting and gambling, and may likely block any bills on sports betting and gambling in the state during his term.


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