Voting Results for Gambling in Florida

Last updated on December 8th, 2018 at 04:24 am

It is very, very difficult to talk about the elections, since things can get politically charged in an instant. But for this post, there are no colors, just voting results for gambling options. In some US states, the decision to allow for gambling, or certain features of gambling, lies on the public. Usually these decisions is from the representatives in office, but in some cases, voters will decide. As an agent with the best bookie pay per head, you need to keep yourself updated on these things.

First is Florida, whose mid-term elections have voters choose to approve Amendment 3. For this, the voters will answer if they were in favor of changing the constitution of the state. This will make it harder for legislators to pass new gambling options. The vote, which was 71-29, now means that starting today, any gambling expansion plans will need a 60% approval. This will be through a statewide referendum.

Voting Results for Gambling in Florida

Amendment 3 was is under monitoring by operators such as the Seminole Tribe of Indians (the state’s sole casino operator). And The Walt Disney Co. Understandably, the former does not want competition. While the latter does not want anything gambling-related interfering with the family-friendly amenities in the vicinity of their resorts. There are, of course, operators such as racing operators, DFS and Sports betting Operators and others.

Sports betting is one of the issues here. In fact, the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League (NFL) even tweeted to tell voters that to vote yes would mean closing the doors on legal sports betting.

The tweet was deleted a while after. But it does raise a point on how sports leagues are now more open to the legalization of sports betting. Of course, sports betting has the potential to drive up revenues for teams and sports leagues.

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