West Virginia Gets a Boost in Betting for August

West Virginia’s sports betting industry is up 155%, comparing July to August’s betting handle. But the last week of August’s numbers set a new record at $13.6 million. Now, West Virginia gets a boost in betting as their handle for the month is at $40.4 million. Much of gambling news shows an upward trend in sports betting across majority of the betting markets. West Virginia included.

West Virginia was able to increase its handle and get $10 million and over for a week twice in August, which is quite good for the slowly-growing betting market. If we look at the numbers, July has $15.85 million, while August has $40.428 million.

West Virginia Gets a Boost

West Virginia Gets a Boost in Betting for AugustThe state also is one of the growing number of states in the US that offers both retail and online sports betting. Back in July, the retail handle is $4.685 million, while August shows a 98.8% increase at $9.316 million. Its mobile betting handle for July is $11.169 million. The numbers increase by 178.6% to $31.112 million for August.  A growing online betting market only shows that there is no better time than now to open a bookie website.

And with the NFL in season, the betting action for September is going to be significantly higher than previous months. With the pandemic still ongoing, experts believe that this will further increase the shift from retail betting to online sports betting. In fact, sports betting is not the only form of gambling that is increasing over the past few months. iGaming is also doing well, particularly in West Virginia. The iGaming or online gambling handle for August is $29.6 million. This is only the first full month of online gambling in the state (it began mid-July), so the numbers are quite good for a new market.


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