What Can You Bet on in Ohio Sportsbooks?

Sports betting in Ohio officially launches on January 1, 2023. But as early as now, the Ohio Casino Control Commission is already beginning to set the groundwork for operators. One of which would be what residents can wager on in Ohio sportsbooks.

When you check your online bookie software, there are countless betting options available. People can place bets on any sports event that they want to, and any wager type. From the spread to prop betting, there are dozens of options available for each game. In addition, players can also place wagers on other events outside of sports, like the elections.

But in the case of Ohio, not all wagers will be available. Let’s talk about the NFL Super Bowl as an example. The Super Bowl is the biggest sport event in any US sportsbook. Here, players can place wagers on the game itself, the result of the Championship, awards such as the MVP, and other wagers, like wagering on the half time show.

What Can You Bet on in Ohio Sportsbooks?Yes and No’s in Ohio Sportsbooks

Currently, wagering on a random determination like a coin flip, non-athlete performances like guessing the color of Gatorade, performers and such will be prohibited. Other wagers like statistical actions of coaches or referees or officials will not be allowed as well. This would relate to penalty flags in an NFL game. Similarly, residents will not be able to wager on player injuries. Pre-recorded events as well as high school sports games are also not allowed.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission is open to any other requests from operators in terms of what can and cannot be wagered on. Except of course for the ones mentioned above. Many bookie pay per head sportsbooks do not have these sort of restrictions, so we will see if this can affect the bottom line of Ohio sportsbooks when they go live next year.


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