What is Pay Per Head?

What is Pay Per Head and How does it WorkBookies and sports betting operators looking for a sports betting solution often come across the term “Pay Per Head”. However, for newcomers to the gambling industry, this is often an unknown term.  Thus, today we answer the question about What is Pay Per Head and How does it work?

The easy and simple definition of Pay Per Head in the gambling industry is a service that allows bookies to start a gambling operation by renting the betting software, infrastructure, and support staff. Therefore, the operator only pays a weekly fee to the Bookie Pay Per Head company for each active gambler.

The fee will vary between per player depending on the company and the features you get for the service. The average fee per player is around $10. However, it can go as low as $1 per player or as high as $25 per player. Of course, not all Pay Per Head are equal.  A higher fee does not mean better service nor does a cheap fee mean worst service.

How does a Pay Per Head Work?

According to the History of Pay Per Head, the concept and idea of it began in the early 1990s. The Cliffsnotes version of the history goes something like this, sportsbooks began to offer a White Label Sportsbook service to increase profit.  However, after a while, bookies were tired of paying for basically a franchise of the White Label sportsbook.

Thus, gambling entrepreneurs began to offer an alternative to White Label Sportsbooks. Instead of paying a monthly fee and a monthly commission, a PPH would just charge a flat fee per player. At first, the Pay Per Head fees were around $65 per player.  However, as the technology became more widespread, the price per head became much lower to what it is today.

Bookie PPH Service

How Does a Pay Per Head Works

The idea of How a Pay Per Head Works is that they give bookie access to their entire infrastructure. Therefore, a bookie gets a gambling platform to manage their players while providing their players with a gambling website. In addition, the bookie gets customer support for the service as well as for their players.

Thus, instead of paying for thousands of dollars every month, they only pay a small fee per player.  This is an ideal concept for small and large bookies operation as the startup cost is pennies on the dollar. Furthermore, they can open their sports betting operation right away since there is no installation time.

The PricePerPlayer.com Pay Per Head Solution

The PricePerPlayer.com Pay Per Head SolutionThe PricePerPlayer.com Sportsbook solution is arguably the best Pay Per Head Service in the world. While the competition may disagree, it is a fact that most PPH Reviews believe we are the best.

This is because, at Only $5 Per Player, we offer the most cost-efficient Pay Per Player Service in the industry. In addition, in a straight comparison, we offer more features and benefits then competitors who charge twice as much!

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However, don’t just take our word for it.  Here are just some of the advantages of using the PricePerPlayer.com Sports Betting Solution:


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