Will We See Online Sports Betting in Arkansas Soon?

The pressure is on for legislators to legalize online sports betting in Arkansas. Especially now that we are moving closer to March Madness. A legislative subcommittee will be tackling the Arkansas Racing Commission’s rule change. This will allow for mobile sports betting in the state to be legal. Allowing people access to online wagering is a great option that increases the reach of the local betting industry. It is also a great way for online software solution for existing sportsbooks to allow sportsbooks to expand their operation and improve betting revenues.

If this joint subcommittee approves the rule, the full Joint Budget Committee will have to give their final approval to pass the rule change. This is expected to take place Thursday morning. When this happens, this will now move to the office of the Secretary of State for 10 days. That will be the last stretch before we can see online sports betting in Arkansas.

Online Sports Betting in Arkansas Before March Madness

Will We See Online Sports Betting in Arkansas Soon?Online wagering will make it easier for those who want to use the next generation in sports betting software gain access to sports betting. This is particularly good timing for Arkansas, as we are about to reach the last leg of college basketball. The Razorbacks are a favorite in the state to win the Championship title. Naturally, sportsbooks will be getting more action if people have more betting options. More accessible options, too.

The accessibility of online sportsbooks will help sportsbooks get more action to cover the NCAA’s basketball tournament for both men’s and women’s tournaments. These events will be from mid-March up to the first week of April. And for men’s basketball, bookies are expecting a lot of betting to happen between March 9-13 for the SEC basketball tournament. It would definitely be nice to see online sportsbooks running in Arkansas before that particular week.


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