Will We See Online Sportsbooks in these states in 2021?

Will We See Online Sportsbooks in these states in 2021?Everyone knowns that you can improve your sportsbook with technology. Many states in the US are, in fact, legalizing sports betting- online sports betting included. After all, sports betting is a very lucrative industry to participate in, especially for those who want to run their own sportsbooks. But not all states in the US actually allow sports betting. Some states that do allow sports wagering do not allow sports betting. Let’s take a look at the progress in getting online sportsbooks live in the US by 2021.

The main convenience of a sportsbook pay per head is allowing players to place their bets anytime, anywhere. Some states, like Iowa, allow for online betting. However, they do have restrictions such as requiring people to register in person at a retail casino or sportsbook before they can bet online. For residents of Iowa, things will be easier as 2021 starts as in-person registration will no longer be a requirement.

Online Sportsbooks in the US for 2021

Michigan will be seeing sportsbooks by mid-January, as Governor Whitmer signed gaming legislation just before Christmas this year. Virginia, a state that only allows horse racing, will also now have mobile and online sports betting, as well as casinos this coming 2021. Surprisingly, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, who has always been against legalizing online sports betting in the state, may finally be changing his mind. Of course, the state could benefit from tax and licensing collections from sports betting.

Meanwhile, states like Maryland and Louisiana recently put to vote by referendum the future of sports betting in their states. Both votes passed, so we will now be expecting legislation on sports betting on the next legislative session this 2021. Ohio may soon follow, although the pace is slower than most states. We may also see developments in sports betting legislation from states like Missouri, North Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Texas.


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