Will Your Sportsbook See an MLB Opening on the 4th of July?

MLB OpeningThe Coronavirus pandemic has stalled most of the sports events around the world. And with the rising numbers of positive cases in the US, it is unlikely that sports events will be resuming anytime soon. A lot of sportsbook pay per head bookies are filling the huge space where sports events used to be. There are alternatives such as eSports and having a live dealer casino for your sportsbook. But realistically, one has to find out when the big sports leagues will return. One league that is considering its options is the MLB. Will we be seeing an MLB opening on the 4th of July?

When you look at your possible revenue streams, baseball is a very practical option. And if you compute it with a bookie revenue calculator, you will see that the frequency of games in the MLB alone can help you earn a lot of money throughout the season. And for MLB officials, cancelling the season will cost them millions, if not billions in losses. So, options are being discussed on what they can do to salvage the year.

MLB Opening on the 4th of July and Other Options

US states, plus Toronto, are starting to release orders against public gatherings and staying at home. These dates are reaching up to June, in some cases. While some states’ lockdowns are open-ended. If the pandemic dies down, then we may see things go better smoothly sooner, but if the pandemic gets worse, then it could go longer than that.

The MLB, together with partner associations are considering changes like having neutral locations as venues for games – especially having them away from hotspots like New York, California, and Seattle. These measures can be taken if there are no travel restrictions, no bans on mass gatherings, and medical experts will determine that the games will not pose a health risk to all concerned.

The 4th of July weekend will be a big weekend in terms of plans for having the opening day games on these days. Other concessions would be a tighter schedule, more games in a day, and so on. If this happens, the season will be completed by the last week of September. Of course, this is a hope that baseball fans and sports bettors can look forward to.