Bookie 101: Is it Hard to Start a Sportsbook?

We often get a lot of inquiries through email, chat, and social media about the difficulty of setting up a sportsbook. Is it hard to start a sportsbook?  Normally, yes. It can take a full team months to develop, test, and release a sportsbook software. One would need to hire oddsmakers, and hire a staff to manage the operations from development to customer service. But the bookie industry now has one of the most powerful tools in the business, and it is a complete game changer.

Of course, as a bookie, you need to learn about the industry first and foremost. You need to study the various sports leagues that you will be offering, like the NFL and the NBA. You need to know the structure, the league calendar, how they draft and trade players, and so on. Of course, you will also need to learn about sports betting- the types of wagers, how they are made, and so on. Alongside this, you need to stay updated in the latest sports events so you can adjust your lines as needed.


Is it Hard to Start a Sportsbook?

Bookie 101: Is it Hard to Start a Sportsbook?That being said, the game-changing tool we mentioned earlier makes the job of a bookie a lot easier. You can now easily open a sportsbook with a bookie pay per head service. This service will give you access to a sportsbook management software which is integrated into a sportsbook website where your players can place wagers.

The sportsbook pay per head features also include a lot of things bookies need. You can edit player profiles and limits, you can offer bonuses and promotions. Then, you can move the betting lines depending on your sportsbook’s activity.

You can also generate reports that will help you analyze your business to see if you are earning well. You can also see which sports or wagers, or players, you earn the most from. Since each wager placed is documented, you will have no trouble checking your sportsbook any time of the day, wherever you are in the world. With this kind of specialized software, it is very easy to start a sportsbook. In fact, you can do it right now.


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