May 4, 2017

Sports Betting Platform Solutions

Sports Betting Software Platform

PricePerPlayer - Sports Betting Platform

The PricePerPlayer Sports Betting Platform is the next generation in sports wagering platform. This is because it offers bookies and sportsbooks a state-of-the-art, innovative, robust and highly performing betting solutions.

Furthermore, our Sports Betting Platform completely meets all of the demands for a reliable sports betting software. This is because in today’s gambling industry, enabling expansion of sales and services across all alternative sales channels.

Offering Comprehensive Management Tools

Small and large sportsbooks need to be backed up by powerful liability management tools to make a profit and the PricePerPlayer’s betting platform is the best in the business. This is because we offer a complete solution for running and properly managing an online sportsbook operation. For example, we have a state-of-the-art player risk management system that allows you to track your customers wagering habits and trends. Furthermore, our pre and post betting liability management and personalized live alerts are just some of the features offered.

In keeping with PricePerPlayer Account’s single customer view, PricePerPlayer Sportsbooks offers a single book across all channels, currencies and languages. In addition, players have a complete view of their risk while the sportsbook operator has complete control over individual accounts.  Thus, allowing them to set limits for individual players or for all of their players.

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A Pioneer in the Sports Betting Technology

Built on the trusted and proven DGS platform, the PricePerPlayer Sportsbook Platform is a pioneer in the sports betting industry.  This is thanks to incorporating proprietary software which makes use of new technologies and sets new market benchmarks. The latest developments in live betting are showcased in the recently released Live Betting and Pre-Game Lines. Therefore, it allows operators to push live prices and live betting directly to the customer’s browser in real time.

Furthermore, PricePerPlayer continues to develop new and innovative technologies around the DGS sportsbook software.  Thus, we are constantly pushing and improving the boundaries in the sports betting platform market.

Some of the features of our Sports Betting Platform

The Ultimate Sports Betting Platform

  • Cross platform compatibility (will work on multiple operating systems).
  • Mobile abilities.
  • Menu and wagering options.
  • Modern and attractive interface options.
  • Real-Time line feed reliability.
  • DGS Instant Action
  • Single player account and e-wallet across all sales channels
  • Integrated gaming services for multiple sales channels
  • Incorporation of rich content, managed by centralized Content Management System
  • Seamless integration with third-party systems via our web service interfaces
  • Interfacing to external services, for betting events set-up assistance and for accessing comparison tools, and external monitoring systems
  • End-to-end Security Framework, strong eligibility verification mechanisms and appropriate safeguards for maintaining data integrity and confidentiality
  • Sophisticated customer acquisition and retention mechanisms, enabling the deployment of wide range of cross-channel and cross-product loyalty schemes, bonuses and promotions
  • Multi – currency transactions and Multilingual support
  • Comprehensive Back Office Application to control platform’s resources and functionalities
Detailed Reporting System Players Management System
  • Creating and viewing hold reports
  • Easily accessible player summaries
  • Weekly figures
  • Agent position
  • Weekly information on your players betting habits
  • Set general and individual player limits
  • Player Adjustments
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Reliable and fast grading.
  • Intuitive and reliable line management tools.
  • Unified player account management

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