July 29, 2019

Gambling Call Center Services

Gambling Call Center ServicesPricePerPlayer.com has decades of experience providing the best gambling services in the industry.  We offer a Professional and Reliable Gambling Call Center Service with hundreds of professional casino, racebook and sports betting clerks. Furthermore, all of our clerks and customer service managers have years of experience in the gambling industry.

In addition, our call center is open 24/7 365 days per year across multiple channels such as telephone, chat applications, email and social media. The advantages of using the PricePerPlayer.com Call Center Gambling Services are many.  These include a better customer service experience, quick response time and cost–efficient service.

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To have a successful gambling call center, you must have a dedicated staff that is familiar with all aspects gambling.  Our agents are experts in all aspects of gambling from how to play casino games to placing different sports bets.

Thus, if one of your sportsbook customers needs help, then our Sports Betting Call Center agents can answer any questions. Whether it’s about making a straight, a parlay, a teaser or how to buy points our staff can help. If you have an online casino or a racebook no problem!  This is because our gambling agents are crossed-train in all aspects of gambling online.

Casino, Racebook and Sports Betting Call Center Service Solutions

Experts with all Major Sports Betting Software and Casino Platforms

One of the advantages of using our Call Center Gambling Outsourcing Services is that our clerks are proficient with all Major Sports Betting Software and Casino Platforms. This is because we have strict requirement and classes which include training and tests on popular gambling software and platforms.

Our Casino and Sports Betting Call Center agents are exerts or have experience with most gambling platforms.  These include DGS, ASI , PlayTech, Every Matrix, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt platforms and many more gambling platforms.

Thus, they can remotely help your players with their accounts no matter which gambling platform you use for your business.

Outsource your Gambling Call Center at an Affordable Price

The best part is that you can outsource your Gaming, sportsbook, casino or racebook Call Center at cost efficient price.  This is because we have our share gambling call center option where you share our gambling clerks with other gambling operations. Thus, you share the infrastructure and the agents which lead to a lower cost for our services.

All of you data is kept safe and private and you players will never know the difference.  The only thing they will know is that you have a professional and courteous 24/7 top-notch Customer Service.

If having a shared call center is not for you, not problem as we also offer a private call center at slightly higher prices.  However, keep in mind that prices will vary depending on the number of players you have.  Furthermore, the advantage of using a private sports betting call center outsourcing services is that there is almost never a wait time for you players. This is because any contact overflow goes to our other gambling clerks who are crossed-trained on any gambling platform.