How to Start a Bookie Business

Last updated on November 23rd, 2023 at 03:31 pm

How to Start a Bookie BusinessEvery entrepreneur needs to take certain step in order to start their business and being a bookie is no different.  This is because the right steps lets you bypass problems and headaches that you will encounter down the road. If you want to be a bookie, then this guide on How to Start a Bookie Business is for you.

In essence, being a bookie is fairly simple because you just need three things. You need clients, a decent bankroll and a Bookie Pay Per Head provider like Everything else you hear about is really to help you become a successful bookie.

Furthermore, the sports betting industry is $3 trillion market which keeps getting bigger every year.  This means that there is plenty of room for more sportsbook and bookie operations around the world. Thus, starting your own bookie business is not only lucrative but also simpler to achieve than most people expect.

Without a doubt, a Pay Per Head Bookie is the best solution for anyone looking to be a bookie.  This is because a Bookie Pay Per Head is both cost effective and fast to setup.  Here, we will go over what you need to start a bookie business and how to get started.

What You Need to Start a Bookie Business with a Pay Per Head ServiceClients and Players – In most cases, entrepreneur looking to open their own bookie PPH already have a potential client base.  They may be friend or friends of friends but they are potential clients.

Needless to say, the more clients or players you have, the more money you can make.  In addition, the more players you have, the less likely you will need to use your bankroll to pay winners.

Bookie Pay Per Head – Finding the right Bookie Pay Per Head company is an important part of starting a Bookie Business.  This is because you want a Bookie PPH that gives you the most gambling features at the best price.

In addition, you want a reliable PPH like  This is because they offer all of the gambling features to have a successful sportsbook for only $5 per player.  They include but are not limited to the following services:

Bookie Operator Services

  • Easy to use player management system
  • Set player limits and gambling access
  • Create, Edit and manage your players
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Player figures
  • Intuitive and reliable reports
  • And much more

Player Betting Options

  • Sports Betting
  • Live In-Play Betting
  • Racebook
  • Online Casino
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Internet and Phone Wagering

Bankroll – A decent size bankroll is of course necessary to open a Bookie Business.  This is because even though the house has the advantage, you always need cash on hand to pay your players.  However, the size of your bankroll will depend on the type of operation you have.  Read,” I want to be a bookie, how much money do I need?” for more info

How to Start a Bookie Business in Three Easy Steps

Step 1. Open a Bookie Pay Per Head Account with

Just click here to open a PPH account with and in a few seconds, your account will be ready!

Step 2. Create and Manage your Players

Simply Login to your Bookie PPH account, click on “Edit Accounts” and start creating and editing your players.

Step 3. Make Money!

All you have to do is wait for your players to start betting.  Once they do, all you need to do is collect your “Vig” and from the players that lose their bets.

Be a bookie with