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Pay Per Head Sportsbook Services

Products and Services

Presenting the Best Sports Betting Platforms solutions for large and small Sportsbooks

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Pay Per Head Sportsbook Services

Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Start taking bets today with our All-in-One Pay Per Head Sportsbook Solution and Services
for only $5 per player.

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Pay Per Head Sportsbook Services

Gambling Products

Take a look at our gambling products and see why we are #1 in the industry thanks to our Sportsbook Software and gambling platforms.

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Pay Per Head Sportsbook Services

Gambling Solutions

Affordable gambling solutions for all of your sports betting, horse racing live betting, eSports Betting, Casino needs and more!

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About PricePerPlayer

The best sports betting software and platform provider!

We offer the next generation, top of the line sports betting software that uses the latest advancements and encryption technology to give you ease of mind about running your very own online sportsbook.

The PricePerPlayer sports betting platform is equipped to meet the all of the requirements needed in the fast paced world of the gambling industry. The PricePerPlayer bookie platform is an integrated, all-inclusive, solution for the management of betting activities.

Furthermore, it provides complete management of sports betting at the operations, risk management and decision making level. Its extended functionalities include competitions, games, odds, handicaps etc., as well as real-time monitoring of betting trends and potential liabilities.

Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solutions

We offer the ultimate sportsbook solution for new and existing sportsbook with our pay per head services. For almost two decades, PricePerPlayer PPH Sportsbook has successfully been assisting bookies and bookmakers from around the world. Thus, they now have thousands of customers on a pay per head basis at an economical price!

Using our PPH services will make your gambling operation on par with the biggest name in the sportsbook business. Writing bets on paper and taking calls from players is a thing of the past with our top of the line betting software and experienced sports betting team to support you! More Info

Read What our Clients Have to Say About our Betting Software Services

Apr 20, 2024

Your betting platform is good and so are the sportsbook mgt tools. for the price, its a good deal but you guys really need to work on your casino. It is so old that when one of my players tried it, he thought he was back in the 1990s.

Apr 14, 2024 is revolutionizing the sports betting industry with its Pay Per Head Service. This service offers bookies an affordable and efficient way to manage their business. With, you get a comprehensive package that includes player management, reports, and even a personal website.

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哥斯达黎加圣何塞 – 软件开发和付费服务提供商PricePerPlayer.com刚与菲律宾境内的一家体育博彩开发公司Bwager.com达成合作协议,该公司在哥斯达黎加和巴拿马设有分支机构。... Rebrands itself with a New Website and Logo 重新推出新的网站和标志

by | 9 月 5, 2017 | 新闻稿,赌博业新闻 | 0 Comments

San Jose, Costa Rica – PricePerPlayer, 个软件开发以及按人头付费提供商 非常乐意的宣布新网站的开展。新网站的推出的是其公司其中的计划展示其公司许多新的形象和服务。 新设计的网站是建立在不同的内容管理系统。这是为了提供访问者和客户最佳的用户体验。...

Gambling Software Firm Increases Cybersecurity Measures against Hacking Attacks from North Korea


by | 8 月 1, 2017 | 新闻稿,赌博业新闻 | 0 Comments

圣何塞哥斯达黎加 – 针对北韩黑客进来增加对赌博网站网络的攻击, PricePerPlayer一个体育博彩软件开, 发和按人头付费服务提供商增加了安全措施防备他们。...
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