May 4, 2017

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Give Your Players More Options with Live Betting

Live Betting Software PlatformLive Betting which is also known as in-play betting and in-running is one of the latest and greatest wagering options available at sportsbooks today. Live betting allows your players to place a bet on an event, match or race while it is still in progress!

This means that when you add Live Betting to your sportsbook, your players will get more betting options and make their sports betting even more exciting as they will only have a few minutes or seconds to place their bet as the action unfolds live!

For the sportsbook owner this means that your clients will not be limited to placing 3-4 bets on one game. Instead, they will be able to place dozen of bets on one game leading to bigger profits with a higher gambling hold percentage.

Only sportsbooks that are current with gambling technology are capable of handling the constant updating of numbers that is required to keep up with this type of sports betting option.

Live Betting Sportsbook Software and Platform

Our live betting software is perfect for any large and small sportsbook operation. This is because there is not much difference between a live betting slip and a regular bet slip. The bets that can be placed in live betting will vary from prop bets that are unique to the current game to point spread bets, totals and money line bets which will vary according to how the game is going. Thus, it is easily integrable with Sportsbook Software or platform.

Furthermore, in our live betting platform the bet gets graded almost instantly for a prop or after the end of the match, quarter or halftime depending on what type of live betting was available.

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