May 4, 2017

All in One Gambling Services Company is an award winning company that offers a top sports betting software, platform and pay per head services.This is why we are known as the All in One Gambling Services Company at an affordable price.

Betting Software Development

Proven Sports Betting Software platform and development

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Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services

We charge $5 or Less per week per player

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An All-in-One Gambling Services Company

PricePerPlayer is not your average gambling software provider as we not only provide sports betting software services but also provide your company with a full array of casino platforms, horse racing software, banking options, website design, sportsbook pay per head services and more. As a premiere gambling services company all of our products are guaranteed to deliver what we promise. This means that all of our services will exceed your expectation while at the same time help you increase your revenue and profit margin.

Straight fees Weekly Pay Per Head Fees with no gimmicks

We charge $5 or less per week per active player. Click Here to see our Pay Per Head Price Rates This means that with us, you players get:

  • Sports Betting
  • Horse Racing
  • Digital Casino
  • Live Casino
  • Access to our telephone service
  • Access to our internet service

Gambling Products

Live Betting

“Give your players the ability to bet on games as the action unfolds with hundreds of in-play wagers”. More details

Sports Betting

“A full betting platform with complete control over your players with access to 1000s of sports betting markets”. More details

Live Casino

“Your players will thank you for giving them a fully interactive casino experience with real live dealers”. More details

Pre Game Lines

“Our Pre Game lines give you reliable and updated sports betting odds on all major sports leagues and events”. More details


Horse Racing

“Let your players bet on all major horse racing tracks around the world”. More details

Digital Casino

“Give your players all of the action of a regular casino a simple click”. More details

Prop Builder

“Give your players more betting options with the ability to make their own bets”. More details

eSports Betting

“Let your players bet on their favorite eSports League from around the world.” More details